The Humane Society wishes to thank the following individuals for their generous donations in memory of Robert “Bert” Leftwich.  We are sincerely grateful to his family and friends who at a time when they are remembering another, also thought of us.  Bert was a great lover of cats and these donations will be used to continue programs such as our spay/neuter program:

The Magus Group LLC,

David Compton,

Ruth Iwano,

John and Mary Rinker,

Dwight Rowe,

Caroline and Charles Feldman,

Marey Leftwich,

Karen and Gregory Whann,

Phil and Trish Kearnes,

Janice Sutton Insurance Agency,

Jeremy and Lauren Mandell,

Ellen and Richard Maddox, Jr.

Ryan Koonce,

and the employees of the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation.